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Cape May, New Jersey Shore & Congress Hall Hotel - A Personal Travel Photography Post

A summer without a trip "down the shore"?  Never! While this summer is the busiest in a while, it was great to escape for a few hours! Upon visiting Cape May, New Jersey, for the first time ever due to a work meeting at the Cape May Airport and then to see some dear friends, I was quickly besotted. (Sidenote: If you are a fan of all things aviation, there is an aviation museum near the airport, and I can see parents who want to show their kiddos checking this place out.)

The visuals of this charming and adorable shore town reminded me of Ocean Grove, New Jersey, mixed in with some Pleasantville-esque vibes. Visiting the Cape (that's Cape Cod, Massachusetts, to non-New Englanders) and its charming seaside towns is a great childhood memory for sure, and so I can see why so many of my friends have been longtime fans of Cape May. While it's not a fave to shoot in harsh mid-day light, I loved how Cape May images evoke immediate nostalgia for summer, so I took some photos to share. (And also for me to look back on in the middle of winter!)

While we didn't stay at the Congress Hall Hotel, we did have lunch there and made a promise to come back as soon as possible. We also visited the Cape May Lighthouse area and saw the World War II bunker / Battery 223 nearby. Coming back to these two spots were was another promise we made to ourselves because the temps were a bit too hot to explore properly.

Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for our round II either during the off season or during an impromptu trip sometime before the summer ends!

PS If you have any Cape May faves, please comment below because we barely scratched the surface...

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