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Interiors & Architecture Photography for MMPF Architects @ CCIA - Millville, NJ - Philadelphia Interiors Photographer

Reclaimed wood, exposed brick and steel beams, and classic interior design and decor are just some of the features in the new administration building for the Cumberland County Improvement Authority @cumberlandcountyimprovement, a 15,000 square feet municipal building in Millville, NJ designed by the architects at Manders Merighi Portadin Farrell Architects LLC @mmpfarch. Working with the natural light, the lead architect and I decided to showcase new construction mixed with natural elements such as the reclaimed wood from Real Antique Wood @realantiquewoodmill, which sources its materials from barns that are more than 100 years old and 100% recycled, and the team at Ogren Construction ensured all the building elements would be cohesive in execution. From conception to finish, this project shows that a municipal building can be elevated yet approachable in its design with its areas of open space and plenty of access to natural light for both workers and visitors. 

For this interiors photography session, we chose to photograph multiple rooms at different heights and to show vignettes of certain features along with wide captures of both individual rooms and various transition spaces. We also worked with the natural light that poured in to highlight the subtle and not-so-subtle elements of patterns and linear characteristics -- and took some architecture photography inspiration from Dwell Magazine to make the viewer feel that they are actually in the room by utilizing a more narrow focal length to get some depth of field. Before the photoshoot, I also worked with the team to do a "pre-shoot" to see which angles translated best into 2D images and created an Excel spreadsheet of each area with the preferred angles and the camera settings from the pre-shoot. Organization is key when tackling a large building like this but also noticing some moments -- like the way the light is hitting a certain area -- on the day of the shoot is important, too. 

Thank you to MMPF Architects and the rest of the team for a fun day capturing the new CCIA building! 

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