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Visiting Fixer Upper's Magnolia Silos & Traveling to Austin & Waco - A Texas Road Trip

You guys. Charles -- my hubs! -- and I visited Magnolia Market at the Silos and became besties with Fixer Upper's Chip and Joanna Gaines. Well. No, not really... but the first part is true! After watching every episode at least twice not only because of the design but also because of the care that Chip and Joanna give to all their clients and their homes -- it's super inspiring to see dedicated creative professionals at work -- I was excited to put Waco on our Texas road trip itinerary. If you're curious why I was in Texas, it was to attend the Kayla Barker Photography Workshop -- see some of the work over on my Celia Ragonese Wedding blog.

Charles and I had the opportunity to try the food -- cupcakes and grilled cheese? Yes, please -- and I'm so excited for the new Magnolia Table to come out as well because the cupcake was phenomenal and could go head to head (frosting to frosting?) with my local favorite cupcake shop here in Philly.

The Silos are ginormous but the whole area is exceptionally cozy and, for my Philly readers, it felt like a combo of the Schuylkill River Banks (minus the river) and Terrain at Styers with a Target-sized store of everything Chip and Jojo thrown in there. Definitely go to the grilled cheese truck and save room for dessert (e.g. cupcakes)! And try not to buy everything in the store... (I stuck to a budget and bought a Seed & Supply shirt (they're the softest and really hard to resist not wearing every day) and the Linen candle.

Ah, hope this little Wanderlust Travel Diary entry was fun for you -- tell me where you'll travel to, dear readers!

Ah, TEXAS. No traffic jams here... Loved Charles' picture of the wide open road in Dripping Springs, Texas, below. 

Next (and final) stop: Austin! First, I heard about a hotel in my namesake: Hotel Saint Cecilia. And you know I need to take a few photos and try to move in. And then a few quick photos of Austin! I was exhausted from all the travel and the workshop, so I only snapped a few photos mostly while having a margarita (priorities, you know...). While we didn't have a lot of time in Austin, we loved the vibe of it and how it's such a fun city full of good food, great music, and lots and lots of salsa for me to put on all my food. My top pick for a restaurant? Central Standard! 

Until next time, Texas!

PS If you're curious to see more work from the workshop, come over to Celia Ragonese Wedding Photography

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