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Phildelphia Branding Photography for Health + Wellness Expert Cameron @ Philadelphia, PA

It's time. 

It's 2018 and it's time to get serious about your blog, your coaching business, your social media, and your G O A L S. 

How? Let me present a little case study.

Meet Cameron Simcik. Coach extraordinaire and the woman with a laugh that could light up a whole room, home, neighborhood... basically the universe. Because she's awesome capital A. Yes, I'm biased: All my clients are awesome. I don't know how it happened but it did and I'm okay with that.

Cameron wanted to give her branding a little overhaul with some fresh images that would speak to her services, her visual brand, who she was, and how she can help people with her holistic nutrition services and body image coaching. I mean, check YES to all of that. 

What I loved about Cameron is that she diligently thought about her photo session, what to bring, how to organize it, and then rolled with everything (plus a few surprises!) during the actual session. Beforehand, we had a thorough conversation about her brand and how to visually represent her brand through photography. After our conversation, I sent a photo worksheet with a timeline and draft of her shot list for approval, and then coordinated on location and the time of day (gotta get that natural light, my lovelies!). Then we met in person and I was like, how can I join her tribe ASAP?

Check out a few sneak peeks and also how she used her image! And definitely run (don't walk) to check out her blog and Instagram.

PS Want to make 2018 rock? Email me for my new Collection Guide! 

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