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Headshots That Stand Out - An Unexpected Tip to Make Your Session Fun / Philadelphia Headshot Photographer

Ah, it's a new year and time for a new headshot (or maybe your first-ever headshot?). If you're here, chances are you're a creative person who wants to have a fun headshot that reflects who you truly are when you're with your bae, friends, coworkers, etc. because you like to keep it real. Me too, homie.

So here are my top / unexpected 5 tips on how to make your headshot session fun and get headshots that stand out.

1. Bring a bestie. Wait, what? Yes, you heard. I think the best sessions happen when you bring a bestie who schedules their sesh at the same time because, honestly, who has your back and can tell you you're on fleek? I mean, you get photos for LinkedIn, fun photos for the Instagram feed, AND memories (because life is short -- a little prom pose and a dance session never hurt anyone!).

2. Wear something fun, darn it. Not the practical sweater or shirt-tie combo you got on sale (although you can bring that to the session to get a few photos in case your boss = Angela from The Office).

3. Play your favorite music on the way to your session. Yes, I love podcasts with Oprah and Gary Vaynerchuk like everyone else but, c'mon, if you're a Britney fan or you love some '90s hiphop, please play that. Bonus: If your session is at my lil' home studio, send me your Spotify playlist.

4. Primp. I mean it. Go to your favorite nail salon the day before or go to DryBar. If you're a dude, go get your fanciest shaving cream or check out a barber lounge in Old City or South Philly. Do you need hair and make-up recommendations? Holler at your girl. I promise doing something extra is going to make your photo, well, #extra.

5. Send me inspiration with your favorite portraits you've ever seen. Whether it's in Vanity Fair or Entrepreneur magazine or a Kardashian selfie (I do not judge, I promise), I love to see what inspires you to get out of the typical headshot zone.

These are my other tips for an awesome headshot session, which I recommend checking out!

Many thanks to the lovely Emmalee and Jen, who always show me that your best life is the one where you dance unexpectedly and make time for what's really important.

See you in the studio, lovelies!

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