Announcement! Celia Ragonese Wedding Photography

Hello, friends! Have you had a lightbulb go over your head with great idea?

Lately, I've been learning from some of the best wedding photographers in the field who I really admire not only because of their skills behind the camera but because of who they are and their approach to capturing and documenting some of the most important memories a person can have.

This education led to the creation of the above website for Celia Ragonese Wedding Photography -- and what I'm calling my "baby Instagram" @celiaragonesephoto -- and a whole lotta gratitude for the people who I'm meeting as a result.

It's been a journey for sure! Please hop over to this site and join me on this little party I have going on.

But wait, you say, what's doing with Antrim & Spruce Photography? Here, we'll focus on lifestyle and portrait photography (think visual branding for lifestyle companies and creative entrepreneurs).  I LOVE working with creative entrepreneurs and other small businesses because I get to put on my master's-degree-in-communications hat and really get into the nitty gritty. And then take pretty pictures of course. So, no worries, that party will still be going on!

Check out some recent work below:

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