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Hello from Celia! / Rodin Museum @ Philadelphia, PA

Hello, friends! I'm Celia! 

There are some new faces around here and it's been a minute since I introduced myself, so I thought I'd share some fun facts about me. But I'd really love to meet YOU -- please tell me a fun little fact, too!

(1) I was named after my great-grandmother who I never met but was told often she was an excellent gardener of peonies! So it's a goal to have a big ol' peony garden someday. 

(2) I'm a photographer based in Philly -- love is my favorite color to capture and I also love to support fellow entrepreneurs, too, with branding and portrait snaps. 

(3) Nerd alert: I'm into sci-fi movies and shows like Interstellar and Stranger Things (cannot wait for season 2!). 

(4) I'm married to an awesome guy who is an architect and photographer, too (hi Charles!). 

(5) We were invited to join friends in... Scotland! Going in May -- Edinburgh here we come! Any recommendations? 

Peace out, my friends! -Celia

(Pic credit: Charles Ragonese)

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