Friday, March 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Engagement Rings / L Priori Jewelry @ Rittenhouse - Philadelphia PA

Wowee zowee!  I mean, look at these lovely beauties! You're getting a behind-the-scenes peek into some styling fun that I had with two beautiful rings from L Prior Jewelry and a whole lotta options for styling. In this shoot, I used silk ribbon from Nettle Textiles, stationary, a gold-dipped BHLDN ring holder, The Mrs Box, a vintage brass cup, and a lace dress. Oh, and Canon's infamous macro lens. -- bought refurbished, of course -- which is an amazing lens. Soaking these rings in sunlight provided amazing depth to the photos, too. 

Which ones do you like the most, my lovely readers?



  1. I love love these photos so much! Thanks for making my pretties shine :)

    1. Your rings are amazing! Loved working them!


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