Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Holiday 2016 / 2017 Final Episode - Sarasota Hotels + Oxford Exchange @ Tampa, Florida

Ahhh… It's here. The final episode of all these darn colorful photos that I can't stop myself from sharing. Living in the northeast U.S. has its perks but I admit that Florida and California's sunshine and colors are super addicting. And checking out all the architecture and interior design of all the motels and hotels was like traveling back in time to the '50s and '60s. Above is a teaser image of what's to come further down this post: Oxford Exchange!

First up is the Gulf Beach Resort Motel -- Americana exemplified.
The perks of shooting through bougainvillea also became addicting. 
Next up, another resort with a little charm and character: The Lido Dorset.
Near the hotel, I found these icy blue palm trees and couldn't resist making a few black-and-white photos:

Moving on to a different color palette...

Oxford Exchange in Tampa, which is a 15-minute ride to/from the Tampa airport, was on my hit list after I saw my friend Carly's Instagram  -- check out her awesome wedding services via Carly Is Inspired. There was so much more to photograph than what I did in these photos (and incredible blue chairs that you may have seen in my personal Instagram). But all good things must come to an end and Charles and I had to hit the road to get back to Philadelphia… but not before I snapped a few shots:
I need this light in my life.

Peace out, Florida! 


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Holiday 2016 / 2017 Part IV - That Sarasota Life + Ringling Museum @ Florida

If you're not a fan of the color pink, you may want to skip over this blog post because there's a lot of pink… So much pink. Florida is unabashed in its love of color, like California, but also embraces a certain extra "oomph" in its architecture. Charles and I drove around Siesta and Lido Key and marveled at all the various styles of homes: Mid-century modern, beach bungalow, Spanish revival, Colonial, and simple American ranch style. Which is why I loved The Ringling  -- so many different styles and influences in the buildings. Full disclosure: Circuses with animals are not my favorite kind of circuses, so I chose to focus on and appreciate the Museum's architecture and surroundings (and there was plenty to appreciate, that's for sure).

But, first, That Sarasota Life. If you've never been to the west coast of Florida, you're missing out. It's a different kind of state all together. With beautiful sunsets, shell-sand beaches, and warmer weather, you truly feel like you're escaping winter. 

Now the Ringling Museum / Estate:

Another shade of pink…

Me with my "vacation hair" -- which means it's extra curly and windblown -- and Charles with his vacation smile. ;)

You guys, that Spanish moss is to die for! I need Spanish moss in all my wedding and engagement photography, please and thank you. 

+ + + +
On the next episode: My Hotel Obsession Continues…

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