Thursday, September 29, 2016

Headshot / Corporate Photography @ Philadelphia

Every time someone asks about headshots, I have to refrain and restrain myself from singing LMFAO's song, "Shots!" You know, it goes like this: "SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS…" The lyrics are really powerful… Very moving. As in you move really quickly to the dance floor!

But I digress.

Time to look at another sneak peek! You may recognize this awesome gal from previous shoots. I was so excited that she reached out to me for another photo session -- yay!  She rocked her corporate executive portrait (aka headshot), right? Isn't time to update that LinkedIn photo? Because you could. And it would be awesome.

I may even sing LMFAO's song while taking your photo.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Sneak Peek / Jayel Lewis @ Philadelphia - Schuylkill River Banks

So much going on -- the fall weather, the Eagles' Carson Wentz, the presidential election, weddings and engagements galore, pumpkin frenzy everywhere you look, and on and on…

But make sure you make time for this sneak peek with Jayel! For more inspiration, follow Jayel Lewis for her fantastic insights on life, love, and the pursuit of healthiness.

Inspire on, dreamers and doers!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Hi! / September Mini-Update @ Atlantic City

Oh my goodness! What happened? I swear it was still summer…

My husband and I had lots of anniversary and birthday celebrations and photoshoots and house repairs during August and September. During this time, I've been able to work with other photographers, get feedback on Antrim, find great clients, and get caught up with behind-the-scenes work. Phew... But now it's practically October, which means I need to get on the fall bandwagon!

While time was flying by -- and before I have to live in sweaters -- my husband was able to snap a pic of me in a dress that I bought a million years ago and finally got a chance to wear it for a family event in Atlantic City. (Confession: I love pink and high-low hemlines.) #instagramhusband for the win!

That's my mini-update! Did summer go by too fast for you? Are you ready for the final months of 2016?
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