Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Kendra + Stephen - Engagement Session @ Old City + Fishtown

I loved you first: but afterwards your love... Of the love which makes us one. - Christina Rossetti

He noticed her eyes first, those cerulean pools of infinity. She noticed his presence, warm with quiet strength. 

As Kendra and Stephen worked together in the restaurant industry -- is there an industry more suited to creating instant friendships? Probably not! -- they began their friendship, sharing their love of life, movies, books.... All the books, actually. Sidenote: If you like to have impromptu book club meetings, Kendra and Stephen will be your jam. These two are super well-read and able to talk about nearly every book that's out there.

Their engagement session began in Old City with a fantastic make-up trial by the ever-amazing and sweet Sam Hamilton at Moko Organic Beauty Studio. Kendra was ready to slaaaayyy thanks to Sam! After a few shots in Old City, we took a swing down to Race Street Pier and then up to Fishtown (Stephen's old stomping grounds). 

Their handsomeness and beauty together as a couple is only surpassed by their generosity and kindness -- not only towards each other but towards people they meet for the first time. Charles and I were so truly blown away by how thoughtful Kendra and Stephen are that we wanted to become besties forever/have a beer with them. 

Kendra and Stephen, thank you so much for such a wonderful, joyful, light, and fun session with you two. I'm so glad you won the Lithe Method Fit.Hip.Friday Giveaway! It's truly an honor to capture you together and tell your story! If your wedding day is anything like your engagement session, amazing and awesome things are in store for you both.


Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Making Croissants with Le Foodist @ Paris

Butter is a food group. 

When you're in Paris, you must simply accept this fact. Or not -- that's okay, too. But it'll be a boring trip if you don't.

Enter Le Foodist. With Paris's unseasonably cold weather bearing down on us, my husband and I were so excited to get out of the cold and get into the kitchen with Le Foodist instructor, Amanda, and learn how to make croissants. Our baking experience -- other than me making my special chocolate chip cookies every Christmas -- is fairly limited. Learning how to precisely measure and weigh different types of flour followed by whacking and beating butter (no, that's not a euphemism -- we really did hit the butter to soften it) was such a fun experience. It made me want to go to Crate and Barrel and hit up every baking tool I could buy. Or at least a rolling pin to whack butter. 

Also -- this kitchen? Can I have one just like it? And maybe one of those French linen aprons? Please and thank you. 

A huge merci beaucoup to Le Foodist for an amazing afternoon! 


Monday, May 16, 2016

Sneak Peek Kendra + Stephen / Engagement Shoot @ Old City + Fishtown

Sneak peek time! Loving how Kendra + Stephen rocked their Fishtown/Old City engagement session this weekend. These two generous and kind-hearted people were amazing and so fun! (Bonus points to them for our impromptu book club discussion, too...) 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Honeymoon + Five Year Anniversary @ Paris

Hello, mes amies! Je m'appelle Celia, and I am addicted to Paris. 

Charles, my husband, and I finally went on our honeymoon / five-year anniversary trip to Paris! The City of Light, the city of rainy and windy weather, the city of croissants, and the city of awesomeness. During our visit, we had a day or two of sunshine and warm-ish weather, so we broke out the cameras to snap pics in between shots of espresso and glasses of wine -- strictly to stay warm, of course. 

See below for some fave snaps of ours and some Google Map links (click on the grey text above the photos) in case you want to check them out yourself! 

Also, stay tuned for our culinary adventures making croissants... 

Place du Trocadero + Eiffel Tower

Palais Royal

Les couleurs du Paris! 



Musee D'Orsay

Notre Dame + Shakespeare & Company Cafe

Centre Pompidou + L'Homme d'Oisseau (Bird Man)

Pont Neuf + Pont Alexandre III 

Place Des Vosges + Juice Lab

Fave pic + Fave person

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