Saturday, October 31, 2015

Styled Bridal Shoot @ Material Culture / Philadelphia

"Create for creation's sake…" Wise words spoken by a most rad photographer dropping some truths because how often do we forget to do that?

With November fast on our heels -- Happy Halloween, everyone! -- it's time for me to put down the Twix bite-sized, fat-free, organic candy and share this October shoot filled with g-to-the-gorgeous autumn light. 
Can I just say that this mini-styled bridal session at Material Culture with Marisa was amazing? Amazing because of said autumn light, the Jenny Packham dress, the international wares and decor, Marisa's hair and make-up, and the flowers, and the generosity of all those involved who share a love of creating for creation's sake… (thank YOU). Also lipstick. Let's not forget lipstick, amiright?
Winter may be filled with hibernation, but remember that there are still opportunities to capture light and beauty -- so take your Vitamin C (C for Camera that is) and shoot what lives in your heart. 
location: Material Culture
hair + makeup: @sweets_sam at Parlour
marisa: @mpazik86
photo: me


Wednesday, October 28, 2015

An Ode to "Where the Wild Things Are" / New Jersey Family Session

Every now and then I do a family session, and I couldn't have asked for a better autumn day to photograph Heather, Jesse, and Baby W for baby's very first photo session. Honestly, it is such an honor to be with first-time parents like Heather and Jesse -- their love for their baby boy just pours out and fills each moment and photograph to the brim with, well, love. Love with a capital L.

The day wouldn't have been complete without a reading of the book, "Where the Wild Things Are." If you're like me and loved the book (and loved the movie), you can appreciate the illustrations just like Baby W did … just check out his expression below! And all the wonderful friends and family who signed his book -- how awesome is that?

Thank you so much Heather and Jesse and Baby W for such a wonderful afternoon!


Friday, October 16, 2015

Flowers, flowers, flowers @ Carly Is Inspired

Protea, hydrangea, freesia, and carnations, oh my! 

So before I get into the full album (are you staying tuned? Stay tuned…) from the styled bridal shoot, I have to talk about flowers. 

This amazing bouquet was everything I could dream of -- or smell of, for that matter. The fresh whites and greens were perfect against the colorful palette that Material Culture provided. The fragrant freesia brought me to paradise, and the light blue velvet ribbon and gold satin ribbon added just the right amount of glamour. Carly from Carly Is Inspired took the typical winter flower bouquet and added some boldness to it that I didn't think was possible. I mean, just look at that protea.

I was so stoked to meet her at a Tuesday's Together gathering. Not only was she super sweet and reminded me of a college friend, but she was into flowers? SOLD. When it came time to plan this shoot, I thought: Who better to bring it than Carly?

People, I have seen the future of flowers in the Philadelphia floral landscape and it belongs to Carly. Check it. 


Thursday, October 15, 2015

Parlour @ Fishtown

I love the word parlor. It reminds me of my grandmother, who was French-Canadian, and her thick Quebecois and New England accent that came through whenever she said the word: paaahhhhlooore-uh. While I don't say it that way, I think of her whenever I see or hear the word… That and Wheel of Fortune. Meme loved her some Vanna White and Pat Sajak. 

But I digress.

When it came time to organize my first mini-styled bridal shoot (are you excited to see the full album? STAY TUNED.)  I immediately thought of the talented make-up artist who did my client's make-up because it was perfection. 

After hunting down the make-up artist politely asking my client who did her make-up, I walked into Parlour and found the awesome Sam Hamilton, who can do a wide range of looks from classic and ethereal to strong and edgy. 

And if you saw Marisa in my sneak peek from the bridal shoot, you can see the hair and make-up talent is strong with Sam! Not only that, but she's just as lovely in person as the looks that she creates, and I cannot thank her enough.

From Ayurvedic facials to hair services to make-up, Parlour is basically Disneyland for me, and I never want to leave. Not only do they offer natural remedies made in-house, but they'll show you how to make some for yourself with their herbal workshops (there's one in October!). Parlour's dedication to carry make-up lines that are organic and natural is unparalleled. As they say on Wheel of Fortune, is there an A for awesome?

Huge thanks to Sam and the team at Parlour for helping me to make my vision a reality!

PS Many people are already commenting on Marisa's strong and perfect fall lip color: It's Besame in "merlot." Don't worry kids, we'll do a full breakdown of the make-up soon!


Tuesday, October 13, 2015

A sneak peek + a poem

"'s a color, a dream of cherries 
sunk into the earth, 
it's a tail of smoke that arrives 
without rest to change 
the color of the water and the kisses…"

A sneak peek from today's shoot! 

There's something about Marisa… Cannnot believe how awesome it was to work with Marisa @mpazik86 (thanks to our common love of Third Street Habit and Lithe Method) and Samantha Hamilton @samskrits from Parlour for makeup + hair, and Carly Totten from Carly Is Inspired @carlyisinspired for floral fantasticalness, and the dress (!) Jenny Packham @jennypackam amazingness from the good people of Borrowing Magnolia @borrowingmagnoliaand, last but not least, the Moroccan-inspired location of Material Culture / @materialcultureinc for the sweet location. 

Grazie mille / thousand thanks to everyone! 

Monday, October 12, 2015

Sneak Peek: Third Street Habit + Lithe Method @ Old City

This photo adventure was brought to you by the letter F for fringe and faux fur and fall. Here's a sneak peek from a recent shoot with Lauren Boggi of Lithe Method for the Fit.Hip.Healthy blog. Have you gone to Third Street Habit yet? It's like the best curated store in Philly. Seriously.

Speaking of F words, Lauren just returned from a recent Lithe Escape (dying. to. go.), and I just cannot believe the ladies lost not inches but three whole yards plus! Holy eff! Sign me up!
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