Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Lithe Method / Fit Hip Healthy @ Old City

So excited that more of these images from my shoot with Rachael were posted on Lithe Method's  Fit Hip Healthy blog today! Because, I mean, how awesome is her braid?

I also wanted to share one of my fave images from the shoot. I had tons of total girly moments asking her lots of questions about her new… fiancĂ©! And this pic was snapped in between shots -- just. love. it. Rachael, you're going to be a beautiful bride! Congrats and best wishes to you both!

And I have to share one of the most hilarious moments of the shoot: Towards the end of the day, Rachael kindly asked me to take a photo of her with her iPhone. I, of course, said, heck yes. And you know what I did? I held up the iPhone to my face to look through the viewfinder… Only to realize after a good, embarrassingly long beat that there wasn't one. We had a big laugh at that. What can I say? #addictedtoviewfinders

Monday, June 22, 2015

Executive Headshots / Portraits @ Rittenhouse + Fishtown + Fitler Square

Here's some blog love for executive portraits.

Each and every one of my clients always brings something amazing to a shoot -- a smile, a smize, killer eyes, and so on. And I love working with them to create a unique portrait for their career (and social media presence). Just the client looking casually professional and awesome and ready to run the world like Beyonce and/or Jay-Z, amiright?

My number one tip for people seeking a professional headshot is to be open-minded about creating photos that reflect who you are. Why? Because approachability is key and showing who you are is an integral part to that. Below are some examples of executive portraits done around the city--Rittenhouse, Fishtown, and Schuylkill River Banks/Fitler Square. (That said, I'm looking forward to getting my studio up and running this summer so stay tuned for that!)

Now go run the world, kids.


Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Cheerleading + Lithe Method @ Old City

Cheerleading. I love it.

Wait… Me? Love cheerleading? If you knew me in high school, you might not say that I was the cheerleader type. At all. But now I love it.

Part of my daily/weekly routine is to work out at Lithe Method, which employs a cardio-cheer-scuplt methodology to get a hot bod. In addition to being a client, I'm also working with the team for the blog's photography. Check it out here and add it to your daily reads: Fit Hip Healthy

Now back to Lithe… Lithe Method has taught me so much.

Here are the top two lessons: One, everything is a muscle and needs to be exercised to get strong. Discipline is a muscle. Attitude is a muscle. Stamina is a muscle. Muscle, muscle, muscle… You get the idea. Exercise what you have to get what you want. Boom.

Second, you must be your own cheerleader. If you've lucked out and found a tribe of people who will cheerlead you, that is gold. But you must be your own cheerleader for your own journey. Have some key phrases to motivate you. Clap for yo' self. Have no fear when soaring to heights. Wear cute clothes. (Okay, I made that last one up.)

You'll see more posts in the future but here's one image that I love from a recent shoot shoot with Lithe Instructor Rachael Bridgens--how awesome is she and her futuristic (Mad Max-ish?) braid in front of the EKG graffito? GO GIRL.

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