Thursday, June 15, 2017

Headshots for Philadelphia Creative Entrepreneurs - Tuesdays Together @ Rising Tide Society


How amazing are these creative entrepreneurs from the Rising Tide Society? I had the lovely task of creating new portraits for each of these wonderful people, and I'm so excited to share this collage with you! Stay tuned for more information on everyone!

In the meantime, local Philadelphia creatives must check out Tuesdays Together!


Friday, May 26, 2017

Announcement! Celia Ragonese Wedding Photography

Hello, friends! Have you had a lightbulb go over your head with great idea?

Lately, I've been learning from some of the best wedding photographers in the field who I really admire not only because of their skills behind the camera but because of who they are and their approach to capturing and documenting some of the most important memories a person can have.

This education led to the creation of the above website for Celia Ragonese Wedding Photography -- and what I'm calling my "baby Instagram" @celiaragonesephoto -- and a whole lotta gratitude for the people who I'm meeting as a result.

It's been a journey for sure! Please hop over to this site and join me on this little party I have going on.

But wait, you say, what's doing with Antrim & Spruce Photography? Here, we'll focus on lifestyle and portrait photography (think visual branding for lifestyle companies and creative entrepreneurs).  I LOVE working with creative entrepreneurs and other small businesses because I get to put on my master's-degree-in-communications hat and really get into the nitty gritty. And then take pretty pictures of course. So, no worries, that party will still be going on!

Questions? Want more info? Send a note!


Friday, April 14, 2017

Romantic and Fun Philadelphia Couple Portrait Session - Ben Franklin Bridge + Race Street Pier

"All she ever wanted was unpredictable kisses and unforgettable laughter." 

- B. Villasenor

A chance meeting one night turned into a love story through laughter and romance -- and so began Jen and Bill's story. Her effervescent nature and his quiet strength create an inimitable match that shined brighter than the early morning sun during their Philadelphia mini couple portrait session to celebrate the beginning of spring! Capturing these two wonderful people as they explored their favorite part of the city was such an honor. (When Jen asked if I wanted to shoot from their rooftop, I said, yes please and thank you!) The Ben Franklin Bridge in the golden hour of the morning was my favorite back-drop -- now only if I can bottle this sunshine up! Below you'll see that we had Race Street Pier all to ourselves! If you're from Philly, you know that this is a rare sight on a sunny day as the Pier is usually filled with people.

AND... surprise! There is a puppy at the end of this blog post! Because that's what it's really all about: puppies, right? I kid but, yes, Jen and Bill's fur-baby got a little mini-mini portrait session because we just cannot resist four-legged cuteness.

Thank you, Jen and Bill, for sharing your home and your favorite part of Philadelphia with us! 

Now it's time for the puppy bonus! We did a mini-mini portrait session and because puppies are awesome, energetic, and super wiggly, we were so grateful to have Jen and Bill's help to keep this little guy's pose just so.  Isn't he the cutest? Thank you Jen + Bill!


Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hello from Celia! / Rodin Museum @ Philadelphia, PA

Hello, friends! I'm Celia! 

There are some new faces around here and it's been a minute since I introduced myself, so I thought I'd share some fun facts about me. But I'd really love to meet YOU -- please tell me a fun little fact, too!

(1) I was named after my great-grandmother who I never met but was told often she was an excellent gardener of peonies! So it's a goal to have a big ol' peony garden someday. 

(2) I'm a photographer based in Philly -- love is my favorite color to capture and I also love to support fellow entrepreneurs, too, with branding and portrait snaps. 

(3) Nerd alert: I'm into sci-fi movies and shows like Interstellar and Stranger Things (cannot wait for season 2!). 

(4) I'm married to an awesome guy who is an architect and photographer, too (hi Charles!). 

(5) We were invited to join friends in... Scotland! Going in May -- Edinburgh here we come! Any recommendations? 

Peace out, my friends! -Celia

(Pic credit: Charles Ragonese)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Behind the Scenes with Engagement Rings / L Priori Jewelry @ Rittenhouse - Philadelphia PA

Wowee zowee!  I mean, look at these lovely beauties! You're getting a behind-the-scenes peek into some styling fun that I had with two beautiful rings from L Prior Jewelry and a whole lotta options for styling. In this shoot, I used silk ribbon from Nettle Textiles, stationary, a gold-dipped BHLDN ring holder, The Mrs Box, a vintage brass cup, and a lace dress. Oh, and Canon's infamous macro lens. -- bought refurbished, of course -- which is an amazing lens. Soaking these rings in sunlight provided amazing depth to the photos, too. 

Which ones do you like the most, my lovely readers?


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Engagement Ring - L Priori Jewelry Estate Collection @ Philadelphia PA

Shine bright, shine on | Sunlight + L Priori Jewelry beautiful ring from her Estate Collection + some lace = swoon worthy images. Taking a little time out during the wedding day to capture sparkly details is a big must -- and this lace? It's actually a dress! ;-) And if you're hunting for a ring (engagement or otherwise), go check out L Priori Jewelry in Rittenhouse ASAP.

PS Mucho props to photographers who do macro photos day in and day out! Y'all are superheros.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Philly Home Girls / Lifestyle Home Photography @ Morton + Springfield, PA

For me, buying a house is different than buying a home. It's not just about the four walls and a roof but where the sunlight comes into the house in the late afternoon; where the marks in the wood tell a story of craftsmanship and life well lived; it's where you feel the weight of the world off your shoulders when you arrive; and it's where you create memories with your family of two or five.

So thankful to work with Philly Home Girls to take part in their lifestyle photo projects that document how their client/friends have turned their new houses into lovely homes. There are so many photos to share but I'll keep you here all day so here are a few vignettes from the day. First up, this amazing home with the coolest wallpaper/lighting/everything...

Onto the next house! Adored this family!

Cute baby bump alert! Love their baby's room!

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